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My dedication to individual Hairstyling and Makeup arose at the “Musiktheater Vorarlberg”:

During my internship in the department of “makeup and costumes“, I independently cared for the choristers and soloists.

To give my professional work further gravitas, I went on to undertake an apprenticeship as a coiffeur and makeup artist.

Today I work in cooperation with professional photographers, film production companies, and private persons. I enjoy playing with colors, textures, and details. I always aspire to create something unique, in order to achieve the high standards I set for myself.


AirBnb, Audi, SAP, VOX (Prominent), RTL (Punkt12), FC Bayern München, BMW (Eckard Witzigmann Preis), Sony, Widex Hörgeräte, REWE (Familienfest), OCM Klinik München, Promo Magazine, Folia Bringmann, Friseur Seeger, Steinecker (Dress my Yes), Demirtag consulting, Prosis, Simscale etc.


Jerome Boateng, Thomas Müller, Mats & Jonas Hummels, Tim Seyfi, DJ Ötzi, Tanja Bülter, Max Felder, Fritz Wepper, Bernadette Puppe, Laura Preiss, Pia Tillmann, Felix Everding, Judith Neumann, Andrea Wolf, Hartmut Volle, Letizia Bohl, Philip Sponbiel, Dieter Rupp, Sabrina Noack, Christin Nichols, Maria Scholz, Sinha Melina Gierke, Lenz von Johnston, Lisa Hofer, Siegfried Forster, Luisa Katharina Davids, Bernd-Christian Althöff, Florian Berwig, Mico Ivanovic, Arman Kaschmiri, Pia Bolte, Perdita Christ, Claudia Helene Hinterecker, Martin Schülke etc.